Welcome Freshman!

How exciting, but also overwhleming.
New people, new places, new rules.
Luckily you have a warm and friendly home ready to welcome you at Chabad.
The next 4 years will define who you will be as a person - for the rest of your life. In so many ways, your college years influence your personality, from the classes you take to the friends you make, to the nightlife, to your Jewish experience.

"Jewish experience?" you ask, "that wasn't on my to-do list at University of Oregon".

Well then welcome to Chabad of University of Oregon! You're soon to find out that doing Jewish at UO is the next big thing on the block.
If done right it will enlighten you and answer some of the most pressing questions you'll have during this new phase in your life. You will also find a newfound family and loving commubity who will embrace you with open arms no matter your knowledge or background!

 Below is some of the basic Jewish info but feel free to email us for more information.

Shabbat & Holidays

Celebrating Shabbat at UO is one of the greatest experiences you can have. After a long, sometimes stressful work week, winding down at Chabad with good friends, good food and good vibes is a true pleasure. We’re here for most of  the holidays too, so fear not. Jewish celebration at UO is just beginning! Oh. And the food is out of this world.
Shabbat Dinner is 7:00pm weekly at Chabad.
For more about Shabbat in general, click here.

Programs, Classes and Judaism on Demand

Are you looking for the opportunity to learn more about Judaism at your own speed and level? You have come to right place. With a host of classes and programs available there is definitely something that will suit you.
From hands on Jewish experiences, like making your own Shofar and Matzah to weekly classes and lunch and learns we aim to find something for everyone. Still not satisfied?
Berel or Rivky are available to learn with you one on one. Choose the topic and we will explore the issue together and come to a better understanding.



For more information regarding events and to RSVP, please check out our facebook page.
Also sign up for emails to keep yourself updated!