Lulav & Etrog Sets

Another great way to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot is by having your own set of Lulav & Etrog for the holiday.

You can order one today (until 9/6/18)
Sukkot Events 2018
    Buffet Dinner under the Stars!
    SUNDAY: SEP 23, 2018
    Welcome Sukkot by eating delicious foods in the Chabad Sukkah! Place: Chabad Sukkah Time: 7:00 Who: Students
    Sushi in the Sukkah
    WEDNESDAY: SEP 26, 2018
    Join us for our second annual Sushi in the Sukkah! Roll your own Sushi, Shake the Lulav and enjoy delicous food with friends! Where: Chabad & Chabad Sukkah Time: 4:30 Who: Students & Community
  3. Morbi nunc odi
    Sukkah on Campus
    THURSDAY: SEP 27, 2018
    Join us at the EMU for a bite to eat and Shake the Lulav in the Sukkah! Where: EMU Chabad Sukkah Time: 11:30-1:30 Who: Students


For more information regarding events and to RSVP, please check out our facebook page